Product Label Design – Velikova nets

Client : Velikova Ltd.
Year : Late 2016
Project : Logo Design, Label Design

We came up with this really simple and minimalist logo design for the product itself.

Velikova Nets is the only Bulgarian producer of reinforced fiberglass wall mesh. The product has outstanding characteristics and the only downside by the time the client contacted us was… well the packaging. So, we rolled up our sleeves and begun the process of creating the current packaging and labels of their great products.


The producer is located in the city of Liaskovets – Veliko Tarnovo municipality. The good thing about local clients is that they’re not burdened by prejudice about design. This open mindset from the client side helped the work process flow effortlessly.


Construction Product & Label Design by


The guys at Velikova Nets wanted to boost the image of their product, make it look more modern. The owner of the business worked with us directly and explained that the product simply had to look cool. “Just make it cool” he briefed us. In a highly competitive market environment, standing out of the crowd was key. Especially when prices are similar the buying decision is often made based on the label even in the field of specialized products like the fiber glass wall mesh.

A research conducted by our marketing team showed that despite the high quality of the product the packaging was negatively impacting their prospects. With this in mind, we decided that the only way to help refine their visual branding was through an entire redesign of their identity. So, as usual, we started with a thorough research of what the competitors were doing. The conclusion was the following: too complicated packaging design or virtually non-existing package design.



So, we asked one simple question: How can we find inspiration in this kind of a product? The answer: By bringing it to life. By giving it a face. A happy face. Our approach was very focused, minimalistic design, strong color branding and a simple design system.


The simplicity of our design was instantly approved by client. The feedback from clients was also 100% aligned with what he had hoped for originally. A cool, happy, clean presence was designed, and the cheapest solution for print was considered. The alkali-resistant fiberglass fabric is currently standing out in the city of wall mesh products.

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Final Product View


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