Imagining the new brand of SPHERICA

Complete branding SPHERICA

Naming & Brand Identity for Geodesic Domes supplier and production company

SPHERICA is a newly founded Bulgarian company with an environmental and well-being centric approach. It is specialized in the design, manufacture and construction of geodetic dome structures for both commercial and personal applications. Our work on the project began from scratch… with the naming of the company.

Rarely do we get the opportunity to develop a new brand from the blank sheet itself, by giving it a name, shape and form in the direction we find best. The task may seem a bit overwhelming for a lone freelance designer, but our team has a vast experience with naming and branding projects. So, we took it eagerly.

Starting with the name of the company, we went through three stages. As with most good projects, this one too started with a thorough research of the product, the market, and the competition. The second phase was the internal brainstorming sessions, where we generated the broad list of proposals. The third step was narrowing down the selection to just a few good names. Each of them checked for potential trademark registration, domain purchase and with a draft idea for visual development.


Considering the target market of the brand – Bulgaria, we had a clear winner with SPHERICA and the “C” shaped logo, coming from the first letter of the Cyrillic brand name “СФЕРИКА”. This decision was made due to the fact that the first letter of the brand is the most common one to be associated with.

The graphical style had to be very simplistic, stripped off from unnecessary elements and ornaments. This is essentially what the brand offers – a holistic experience without too much complexity. And the angular oval shape of the logotype represents accurately a geodesic dome structure.

From there on developing the entire branding system was a pure pleasure!




If you’re interested in geodesic domes, and want to discover more about it’s amazing applications, check out their website at


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