SO, WHAT DO WE DO? is a multidisciplinary design studio formed by the Graphic Designer & Art Director Kliment Kalchev. Here we love to tackle with brand shaping of any size and type. Creating a new brand or rebranding an existing one are our specialties. Besides Corporate Identity and Rebranding we can help your business with expertise and craftsmanship in other fields of design. Our design team is also proficient in Web Design, App Design, UX/UI, Packaging Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Print and Advertising Materials.


Maybe this range of services sounds like a mixed bag to you? In reality, this is the mix of skills and expertise meets 87% of small to medium companies needs. Instead of hiring a handful of freelancers you can turn to for a holistic design approach. Keeping everything under one roof  has another benefit – cost savings, a thing your company budget would appreciate.


Kliment Kalchev is an artist by education and a versatile designer by trade. He has more than 16 years of professional background, the last six of which taking the role of Director of Design. During that time he has worked for big international clients like (Coca-Colа, Nike, MINI, WWF, ebay, SUNSILK, Nescafe, Renault, HP, Dacia, OMV, Siemens, Nestle, Reebok, Smart, Havaianas, Philips, Red Cross, DHL, Sodimac, Ferrero Rocher, Kinder BUENO, Johnson Controls), and many more local clients. Meanwhile he obtained recognitions and publications in some of the most respected design media around the globe (All Behance networks, NewWebPick, psfk, revision, changethethought, FFFFound, dailydesigninspiration,, logolounge, logopond, logofaves, lettercult, designineurope, ShowUsYourType, artfucksme, topdesignmag, designanddesign…). Some of his works have been published in numerous design books (Logopond Inspiration Book, DAMN GOOD DESIGN, Champions of Design 3, LOGO MONDO, ZEIXS – LOGO2 Book, Zeixs Cube “Magazine & Book Design”, ZEIXS – t-shirt design 2, ZEIXS – new typography 2…). During the past few years, Kliment has also been a lecturer in Graphic Design and Brand Identity, mentoring some of the most prominent young designers in Bulgaria.

SO, WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME? can offer your business effective solutions in the field of graphic design. Especially if you’re looking to boost your brand with a new Logo, Corporate Visual Identification System and Packing. In short, we are very good at creating strong, memorable brands that catch the eye and stick in. Besides that, we can offer a full range of support in expanding your brand on and offline.


Why not tell us what brought you here and we’ll see if we can help.


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